Does Pranayam Work?
Anil | 04 Nov 2006

Personel experience of benefits of of Pranayam

I came to know about Swami Ramdev and Pranayam when my father was diagnosed for liver cancer in late 2003. It was a relatively new concept then and nobody believed that it could cure anything as bad as an advanced stage liver cancer.  But, as his disease progressed, he started practicing Pranayam daily, first at home then in hospital.  However, his disease got better of him.
Claims of Swami Ramdev that Pranayam could cure just about any disease sounded too far-fetched but one thing was convincingly clear that the breathing exercises like Bhastrika and Kapalbhati clean the toxins that accumulate in body and once the toxins are cleared, the body regains its original strength to repair and heal itself. So I started doing Pranayam in early 2004 without much clarity about what I could gain from it. But breathing could not harm me!
At that stage, I was looking for a way out of growing weakness in my lower limbs resulting from a neural-tube (birth) defect and wanted to try everything that could reverse or at least stop this degeneration. Doctors suggested spinal surgery but that was likely to do more damage and good.
Pranayam became a part of my life, something that I did religiously for one hour every day. Some 18 months later I realised that I had stopped having frequent attacks of allergic cold! Cold was something I used to have almost every month I had to depend heavily on antibiotics and anti-allergy medicines. It was a major breakthrough for me.
As I continued with my routine, I realise that the medicines I was taking for constipation – a consequence of my spinal defect – were beginning to work. Medicine that did not work at double-doze a day started working at half the doze! Pranayam had perhaps sensitised my system. I had found a way to fight constipation and this routine continues till date. 
Over the last 3 years, my eyesight number has kept declining and today I occasionally wear strain glasses. Also, I now clearly note that when I exercise for a couple of days, I feel partial strength returning to my legs!             Pranayam has not healed my neural-tube defect till date but it has definitely helped me in numerous small ways, both directly and indirectly, which has definitely made my life a shade better, proving thereby that there is always hope in life, that life can take a positive turn at any point of time; all that is required is constant endeavour, karma.
Pranayam works and I would recommend all readers of this article to give it a fair try, greater the disease, more the Pranayam. Who knows, had my father heard of this system well in time, he might have been around today, rid of his disease.