Domestic Power Consumers' Open Letter to Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission
TR. Madhavan | 14 Mar 2016

Hon'ble Chairman, Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission, Hyderabad

Respected Sir,

We, the residents of apartment complexes read about the proposal of Discoms to hike power tariff. The hike proposed is on the higher side and definitely burden heavily power consumers residing in residential apartments.

Sir, the common power connection is used for provision of amenities to the inmates and charges are shared by all as worked out on time to time basis or consolidated one revised time to tie as per requirements.

The minimum consumption of power through common connection is not less 400 units per month in residential apartments for providing amenities. Already the existing slab rates are on the higher side for apartment common connection. When summer comes the power bill burden increases drastically to each apartment.

As the water table has depleted to an alarming levels in many parts of the city due to monsoon failure, huge construction activity and rampant drilling of bore wells. The residents of the apartments including ours are forced to buy water for day to day needs through tankers as several bore Wells gone dry.

This has lead to increase of monthly maintenance charges between ? 1000/- to ? 3000/- per month and the residents feeling pinch of it. If the present proposal of Discoms accepted Toto, the inmates of residential apartments have to shell down more for their individual power consumption as well as for common consumption share also.


It has been reported in the newspapers that, the Discoms are all set to impose Fuel Surcharge Adjustment in the coming next few months, which will be an additional burden on consumers and an unavoidable one. 

We, the consumers are of the opinion that, the Discoms should go for either Fuel Surcharge Adjustment or Hike in Unit charges once a year as per their deficit funds requirements. Charging both simultaneously should be avoided.

Hence, it is felt that, without burdening the consumers a nominal increase of power tariff for individual and common consumption separately is highly appreciable.

Sir, as the Discoms have proposed a subsidy for Hair Cutting Saloons, we the residents of the apartment complex except a subsidy for Common Power Consumption.

It is requested that, for individual connection the existing slab rates up to 200 units be not revised and allow increase of ? 0.50ps per unit above 201 to 400 units.

For residential apartments common connections the existing slab rates up to 400 units be not revised and allow increase of ? 0.65ps per unit 401 and above.

It is highly appreciable if the Hon'ble Commission considers our request and advice the Discoms to charge the residential apartments power consumers as per our proposal placed before your Commission.

Excepting a favourable response at the earliest.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,
For Flat Owners & Residents of Happy Homes Housing Towers and Palaces,

TR. Madhavan, Athar Khan, M. Srinivasa, Srisailam, Ashok Kulkarni, Ms. Sissy Cherian, Ms. Namrata Nagadeve, Alnoor Chandhani, Md. Suleman, Mustafa Ali, Debasish Sarkar, Christopher, Sharma and others.

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