Don't surrender to fears
pushpanjali | 02 May 2011

Fear of losing many-a-times comes in the way of trying. People do not grow or try to grow because they are secure in their present situations and they are too afraid to lose. It is very important that people do not surrender to fear

THE BIBLE says “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind”. That means when you surrender to fears, you can be sure the fear did not come from God.

If you have many fears, all you need to do is cure yourself of one fear, and that’s the fear of failure.

I admire people who make a commitment and stick their neck out.

I admire a person who tries to reach to the top and doesn’t make it. Perhaps he is someone who declares his candidacy for public office in a sincere desire to be a public servant for community good.

He can be sure that he will be criticized and condemned, and probably misinterpreted and distorted. His ego will surely take an awful beating. What does he get out of it? Even if he loses the race, he is a winner because he has conquered his fear losing. In doing so, he has won his biggest battle. Every loser who tries to do something great is really a winner.