Double play of BJP leaders:going down with the down graded statements

The morale of the BJP is being suspected as the top leaders like Advani and Sushma are giving controversial statements. If that is the case during the discussion of the bill the purity of the leaders is questionble. Till now everybody t6hinks that BJP is somewhat a reliable and beleivble party though they had done some occasional mistakes.

The double standard of BJP has come to light once again. Since Kakinada meeting the party is playing let off with the Telanagana people. Frankly say their promise has made Telangana people to rethink about their forgotten separate state dream after it was suppressed by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi with her six point formula.  Even though they failed form the state when they were in the power and could not re-think their promise as they were allied with Telugudesam then. It was uttered by the party leaders like LK Advani many times that they could not do it because then Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and their ally Mr Chandrababu Naidu refused.

 But BJP has realized and used to tell that they would support when UPA Government can table the Telangana bill before the Parliament. Fortunately the Congress Working Committee had taken a decision to carve out Telangana from Andhra Pradesh and soon after that the BJP had positively responded.  Recently the opposition leader in the Rajya Sabha Mr. Arun Jaiteley had openly said that they were eager to support the bill as and when it was placed before the Parliament.

 After introducing the bill in the Loksabha the opposition leader’s  the real AVATAR has come out. Even BJP knew that the introduction of the bill was very difficult that the Seema Andhra MPs would obstruct by hook or crook. Anyhow the Congress party had succeeded in pushing the bill in the Parliament amidst protests and chaos.

Mrs. Sushma Swaraj has immediately said that the bill was not properly introduced by the All the News Channels have shown the feed of introduction but Shushma was unable to believe. It is very evident in the CCTV feed that shown by the news channels was, though the Home Minister Shinde was not appeared, but his voice clearly hearable in it and the Speaker Mrs. Meera Kumar was clearly seen asking to introduce the bill by the government and also taking the approval of members of the house by voice vote.

Now the BJP leaders like LK Advani and Shushma Swaraj were talking that the bill was not introduced and they would not give the required support to pass out the bill. All this is nothing but the BJP’s double tongue. They were always boosting that they have created three states without any fuss. They had told that the aspirations of people were respected. If we take their words seriously it was not a great thing. The states they have created were less important and two thirds of the country could not take into account.

But, the separation of Telangana from the Andhra Pradesh was not so easy to BJP even. If that much easy they would have done it along with the three states. It is a separate issue unlike others because Capital region has to carve out as separate state. This is known by the BJP leaders even. But as they were outside because of that they were talking like anything. If they were in the position of Congress they could not introduce the bill even. It is all to show that they could handle easily as they had done in case of creating three states. Leaders like Arun Jaitley and Rajnadh Sing know this was a critical issue and they don’t talk it as easily as Shusma and Advani. Hence they were saying positively to their Telangana cadre unlike the later. In this critical juncture BJP should not listen to the words of Telugudesam Chief Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu who dumped the Vajpayee in advance to his legal term. If BJP will go back to support the bill their credit and reliability will come down in the coming elections.