Dr Jawahar Surisetti pays tribute to women through " Introspect- don't just pray"
Dr.Jawahar Surisetti | 09 Mar 2015

Introspect today- not just pray Everywhere today,We pray That women be safe,Day after day. Religions we believe,say something Our actions we do, show the opposite.

Bible says "she opens her mouth With wisdom, And the teaching of kindness Is on her tongue" ( Proverbs 31:26 ) All these kindness is in vain Because 700 million women in all nation Have no food , water, sanitation , Healthcare and education. Islam professes " Men are protectors And maintainers of women, Because Allah has made one of them To excel the other" (An-Nisaa' 4:34) On a cold winter night,In a bus in the capital, The driver and the helper, molest Nirbhaya Barbaric and gruesome ,torture her And dispose. The Protectors. Nanak preaches " From woman, man is born; Within woman, man is conceived; To woman he is engaged and married. Through woman, future gens come" ( Raag Aasaa Mehal 1, Page 473) A fine school day, the corridors ringing Children in the classrooms, teachers on job. Terrorists gun the children, mothers wailing. Were these gunmen not born to mothers ? Hinduism goes like this on women " Where women are honoured, Gods are pleased. But where they are not honoured , No sacred rite yields rewards." (Manu Smriti 3.56) Half the world is women, Mothers, daughters and sisters. Religion if we practice and pray, understand Women are here to stay. Preach something , practice something Is the order of the day. Not just today, day after day Respect, support women, come what may.