Driving Sales through Social Media: Does it Work?
Kathir | 08 Aug 2013

Can Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest drive sales? Yes, but that it isn?t everyone?s cup of tea. KJSEO says how

Chennai, TN - August 07, 2013 - There’s a long list of companies who’ve tried to test social media waters, but have got their hands badly burned. And then there are others who launched campaign after campaign that have been a success. Social media experts KJ SEO explain how it is done.

“There are so many companies that claim to understand their audience, dash out assumptions about them, and try hard to sell. Needless to say, it doesn’t make sense to run like a chicken after its head cut off. What is needed is a well formulated strategy,” says a spokesperson for the Company.

As against running all over the place, social media marketing should be managed in phases. The first phase undoubtedly involves listening. Getting people to talk can be challenging, but not difficult to manage. “Speak to clients and ask them to express opinion about your brand. Forums and blogs, Pinterest boards, Facebook updates…the list of platforms where people can be engaged. You can also engage tools that run through search engines looking for conversations regarding your brand and places them under a single point to allow companies take an actionable insight into these conversations,” he adds.

This process ideally takes a month, but will depend on the popularity of the brand. The next step is to engage customers into a conversation. This can be challenging- while some brands are inherently discussion-able, there are others where conversations aren’t easy.  And finally, these conversations should be effectively used to evolve content that surrounds them. “This may be a narrow route, but a sure shot route to success in social media,” he concludes.

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