Drunkard killed only bread winner
John F Williams | 12 Jan 2012

Fail to under stand why our car owners/ drivers drive so rash and at a high speed under the influence of alcohol and later find themselves in trouble.

INDEED IT is very shocking news to read that a young drunkard, 24-year-old student driving a Mercedes smashed into an auto and killed its driver on the spot. Harshmeet Marwah, son of real estate dealer was returning on early hours of Sunday from a party in DLF, Gurgaon. It is believed that the young alcoholic lad was driving over 100 kms speed per hour and was unable to control the wheels  with the result he smashed his car into an auto near Vasant Vihar area.

Mr Lalit Kumar, the Auto Driver was heading to his sweet home at Pahargunj when all of a sudden Harshmeet’s Car hit him from  the back . The impact of the collision was so severe that Lalit was thrown off his Auto. The Auto was reduced to a mangled heap of Scrap/ metal.

A Passerby informed the Police who reached at the spot shortly, recorded the case against the Drunkard Driver and moved Auto Driver Lalit to AIIMS where he was declared dead. The Medical Examination of Harshmeet certified that he was under the influence of Liquor/ Drug and thus he was arrested under Motor Vehicles Act.

 Lalit was the only earning member of his family and his Auto even was on Hire basis. 35 years old Lalit is survived by his Wife and 2 sons aged 8 and one month respectively. He was planning a brighter future for his children and very recently he called his father for his treatment but the cruel death took hardly a second to smash him and his family’s dream. Marwah will be released on Bail within a short time and the case will continue for years together but what is going to happen with Lalit’s family; who will take care of the newly born child and the sick father and others.

That’s not the end of the Story. Even the widow may be awarded compensation from the Courts but how difficult will it be to get the dues will be yet another story she will face. Now onwards she has to take up tiny jobs to maintain her family. Fail to understand why our Car owners/ Drivers drive so rash and at a high speed under the influence of Alcohol and later find themselves in trouble.

A few lacs of compensation by the rich Father of the Drunkard Driver will not get the family Lailt back with them; Lalit is gone forever and ever. Propose at Midnight or so the PCR should have random checks on the speed and the condition of the Drivers subject to they themselves are not drunk.