Durga Nagpal becomes political tool
HARISH DIDO | 05 Aug 2013

Who says the 'system' is changed by the 'politicians' and if so, it is their foolishness to think like this. It is the 'system' which has to change according to the 'politicians'.

The threat of the Samajwadi Party that it will not support the food security bill in the upcoming monsoon session of Parliament is clear cut indication of the pressure on UP Chief Minister for revoking the suspension of Durga Nagpal, IAS, posted as SDM at Noida and it is presumed that she is being used a political tool, to give support to the sand mafia.

The case took a new turn after Samajwadi Party (SP) heavyweight Narendra Bhati, is brother Kailash has been caught on camera bragging about getting Greater Noida SDM, Durga Shakti Nagpal, suspended.  Bajrenra Bhati’s boast that he got Nagpal suspended in 41 minutes flat had gone viral.

It is not the first case of victimization in the country nor it will be the last one, a few months ago, IPS officer Narendra Kumar Singh lost his life in similar circumstances.  If the young and honest officer like Durga Nagpal is not given free hands to deal with the unscrupulous elements in the society working under the influence of certain politicians, one can well imagine the fate and expectations from them, to implement the laws of the land. 

I still recollect when some politician approached the senior IAS officer, where I happened to be present there, for plum posting of an official at the particular place.  The politician was informed that the official is having a very bad service record and hence it is in the interest of work to transfer him to the place of his choice.

The politician replied in affirmative but said, “Had he been having a good record, there was no need of my speaking to you”.  But the politicians always want to be above the bureaucratic system and they will defend and promote their vested interests, legal or illegal.

Thus, the feeling uncomfortable by Durga Nagpal is no surprise.  Thus, the problem does not lie with the politicians, it lies with the bureaucrats, who either lack the spine to stand up to their political bosses, are too corrupt or too indifferent to care.

Political corruption does not happen in a vacuum. It takes place with the connivance of bureaucrats since the latter are conversant with legalities and technicalities of the issues involved. They are in a position to add letter 'e' later on to the orders given as 'Not approved' to make it 'Note approved' just to twist the whole subject to please the politicians.

The officers who are good at it always grab the better service career and those who goes on harping over the honesty and changing the system, have the fate like Durga Nagpal.

But the system is conditioned that  if the bureaucrats decide to stand up to the politicians, I don't think the corruption would have no leg to stand on. But it hardly happens and each IAS and IPS despite going through the tough training programmes, reconcile with the circumstances barring few, again say, like Durga Nagpal.

The CBI has registered 31 corruption cases against IAS and IPS officers since 2011, by the government's own admission. However, this number can only be the tip of the iceberg.

According to a report of Political Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd, a respected Singapore-based consultancy firm, published last year, the Indian bureaucracy is the worst in Asia when it comes to corruption. It had a rating of 9.21 out of 10 while countries such as China, Japan and South Korea came far lower with ratings of 7.11, 5.77  and 5.87 respectively. 

It is an admitted fact the corruption without bureaucrats is not possible. But they are not answerable to anyone and in the event of any incident of corruption; they are protected by the seniors even within the system.  On the other hand, the politicians are accountable to people as they have to face the politicians during the elections.

I also don’t feel  Durga Shakti Nagpal or Ashok Khemka, who exposed the dubious land deals of Robert Vadra in Haryana or Arun Bhatia, who was transferred numerous number of times only for doing his duty, would be protected and their burning passion to serve the country and its people, becomes a part of the systems and starts merging them with the system.  Only few become a victim of the circumstances.  

Merely cursing over the system and politicians, is not the foolproof solution to the problem and the corrupt would continue to do their work the way they are doing.  There is need to give protection to whistleblowers to tackle the problem but at the same time, the bureaucratic lapses have also to be opposed by one and all. 

Honestly speaking, the focus has to be shifted from politicians to the real culprits who are running the system in the country and should not be allowed to be camouflage by the political umbrella.