ISHA SHARMA | 03 Feb 2011

Dusk is basically the evening time in a day without sunlight or light and thus what comes to our mind while we think of dusk is loneliness.

DUSK IS the time period which mentally gives us a feel of despair and loneliness and this is possibly because dusk represents “loneliness and darkness"...a period sans "light". Its the evening part of the day.

But it isn’t that way actually. But dusk for me is a time to prepare and tighten ourselves and channelize our positive energies in a direction that the next morning..the next sunrise would lead us to our destination.

Dusk is a time of hopes and a "Preparation" period for all of us.

Dusk is actually a time to aspire and dream...to realize that we have power within ourselves which just needs some seconds of self realization.

The next morning sunlight could help in enhancing our positivity which we gained the previous dusk and then...the whole day is "yours".

This is a sort of never-ending life process.

Because life's uncertain and you really never know what’s stored for us the very next second.

so wasting even a single second of day in loneliness...depressing thoughts could lead to negativity which can set a cob-web in your daily life..in a way that you can't rescue yourself from it...anyway and anyhow.

Therefore take your 24 hours of the day as a gift of god he has bestowed..and not let your negativity and depressive thoughts overcome your happiness and energy.