Dussera puja
Ahinsa Kumari | 30 Sep 2009


The look that city is doing heralds arrival of the festive season. It’s all vibrant colourful and abuzz. Shops are adorned up with trendy, ethnic outfits and jewellery on show. Households are being decorated and flower sales are blooming. Tours are being planned and yes plans made to begin new courses make property investments and buy gold or automobiles. We are all set to welcome Dussera and the festive season that extends up to Diwali.
There is no making that things are looking up now even as we are trying to leave tough time behind. We as country heroic odds and as a city are still fighting a contagious virus. On individual level, circumstances are no different .in today’s competitive world, there is hardly any respite.
True things have not been easy for us. But after all, it is all about emerging on top no matter what circumstances.Vijaydashmi popularly known Dussera symbolises conquest of good and righteousness over evil and vices. Making most on the auspicious occasion, let’s destroy evils lurking in us. Let’s keep marching on and strive for still better days ahead. Here are some resolute minds that are up to it.
Dussera is all about becoming a good human being saying Priya Paswan a media student “god always triumphs. One can’t eliminate social evils like corruption, dishonesty and terrorism.Individually; we can annihilate evils within us like anger, selfishness and impatience. With competition growing, tough days are ahead and we need to be stronger. On this occasion we can decide to be more tolerant and patient. We must introspect and improve on what we are lacking into me, this is true celebration, “she says.
Festival like Dussera present opportunities to find time for ourselves, says Alok Kumar, a marketing and recovery officer.”Forget family and friends, do we have enough time for ourselves? Do we pause to see whether we are doing what we like what we have achieved and at what cost and where we have gone astray? More than circumstances outside, we are fighting with ourselves. Let the dilemma end. It’s never too late to pursue what you love and like.”He adds.
Sushama sahay a working lady has a different take. She finds rituals on Dussera scientific and meaningful. “I try to make out meaning out of them. Exchanging Apta leaves means exchanging love and warmth. The tradition of “shatra puja” is also meaningful. We worship our tools of work. In a way we recognise their contribution in our success. It’s a kind of gratitude. However i don’t think good ventures need any auspicious time to begin,” she also adds.
For Aasha Sharma Dussera is all about striving for perfection and making ourselves stronger.” we know good wins,why not try to be good?I believe god is in details and do things wholeheartedly. Household work or profession give my best. Even celebrating festivals should be logical .why take out processions and burn effigies on Dussera? Lets live up to the spirit of the festival,”she concludes.