Easy Ways To Protect The Planet
DND | 31 Mar 2008

1.  Compost Heaps-  Compost Heaps are great ways of getting rid of any dead plants, dead leaves, coffee grounds, apple cores, and just about anythig else that are possible for decomposition.  You simply find a somewhat good area of dirt, (basically anything that a worm can live in).  You then simply pile the deadleaves, coffe grounds, etc., onto the dirt.  After a few months you will find dirt, rich in nutrients, which is absolutley perfect for gardening.  There are different ways of making a compost heap.  These ways follow.
Number One-  You simply pile the plants on the dirt.
Number Two-  This method is much harder to create, however, the freash new dirt, will be made faster.  First, pick the dimensions of how large you want the compost heap to be.  A recommended size is 6 X 4.  You then construct a box with the pieces of wood being  seperated by about 4 inches.  Next dig a hole that is deep enoough to support about a 8 foot plastic pipe.  You drill holes in the pipe and then stick it into the hole, well enough so that it can stand up.  Make two of these.  The reason for the holes in the pipes is to allow air to go through the dead leaves, coffe ground, etc.  Faster decomposition will follow.  Click on the link at the bottom of the page to see what this compost box should look like.     
2.  Buy Fluouresent Lights-  These lights use 5 times less energy than regular watt lights, they also last much longer than regular lights.  Click on the link at the bottom of this page to see fluorescent lights.     
3.  Turn Off Lights-  Turn off the lights when you leave a room.  You have probably heard this one so many times, that it makes you sick, however, make sure you do it.  If evreyone in America followed this simple rule, we would be saving an incredible amount of energy.     
4.  Use Sponges And Mops-  When washing dishes use sponges.  They will save you lots of money, and will save many trees.  Sponges will not make you sick if you clean the dishes correctly.  So do not woryy about what the ads say.  Second, mops will save you quite a lot of money too.  Instead of buying the "Swifter Picker Upper," simply mop.  If you do both of these, you will find a lot more money in your wallet, and the felling of knowing you have helped protect the environemnt.