Editor's note
Arunachal Chakma News | 25 Jul 2013

Need for village uplift in Chakmas inhabited areas of Arunachal Pradesh

The Editor,
Arunachal Chakma News

Dear Sir,
Through the Columns of your electronic newspaper website and social networking site I want to voice my feelings about the need for village uplift in Chakmas inhabited areas of Arunachal Pradesh.
The villagers live in thatched huts and move about in dirty surroundings. There is no any drainage system in the Chakmas inhabited villages. The wells in the villages have no covering. The leaves of trees and the sand fall into it and make the water dirty. The pond near a villages is the root cause behind the spread of many fatal diseases.
A majority of many villages do not have post offices, school and dispensaries. The ill-educated Villagers are born in debt, live in debt and die in debt. Poverty and diseases hover their heads over long. Many people die every year for want of proper medical aids and absence of healthy nutrition. There are no shopping centres or banks in the villages. There are no libraries or publics parks in villages. Support prices for agricultural produce is so low that the peasants fail to make both ends meet.
I venture to offer a few suggestions for our Chakmas village’s improvement. Tap water should be provided and electricity should be installed in every village. The postal system should be improved. Every village should have a school and a health centre. The Villages should be linked by good roads. Co-operative credit societies should be started.
I hope the authorities concerned will look into the matter seriously and take necessary steps to bring about uplift in Chakmas inhabited areas of Arunachal Pradesh.

Your’s faithfully
B. Chakma
Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh