GAYATRI ARORA | 24 Feb 2011

Why education has become burden now a days?wheere the pleasure of readig has gone?why we people tody study just to score??the misery created by our education system is making study gloom rather than joy that resulted in great presurre to perform well and


What is education?Education does not mean to just read and memorize the facts but the knowledge that we have gained.The knowledge,which we have gained,should be used for developing our personality so that we can become a useful asset for our nation.As francis Bacon said,"Crafty men condemn studies,simple men admire them and wise men use them".

In the fast paced World,morning to evening we hear only one thing from one sphere,be it our home,society,or the entire world:Education is a must for growth as well as survival.But do we really know what the real meaning of education is?Is it only about creamming thousands of books or just passing exams?or is it about performance alone:education meaning the need to obtain an excellent percentage?Life is a race' ;if yu don't run fast opportunities,limited number of seats and an exponential rise in the number of applicants lead to a constant competition and the pressure to cope with it.

Here the theory of great scientist Darwin comes into play i.e.' survival of the fittes'.But why is it so?At the end of the day we are human beings,we live in a society which we have willingly built for ourselves,we don't live in a jungle! So,why should the rules of the jungle be applicable is our so-calle civilized society?

Now a days all over the world,education is a must as it is said,"Education is second to Nature".We gain education from our teachers,classmates,friends and parents.We gain education at home and at school but the main source of education are books.All the books contain different knowledge.As said by Bacon,"Some books are be tasted,others are to be swallowed and some are to be chewed and digested."

I am just not able to undestant one thing,that why is education becoming more of burden rather than a pleasure for students?The difference of a mere fraction of the percentage obtained gets you into the college of your choice,or keeps you out.The misery created by our education system is making study and education a matter of gloom rather than a joy.The great pleasure to perform well has already led to an increasing number of suicide attempts among students.It is high time to think about all these issues and take meaningful steps immediately in order to reverse the present trend.

We all have to work hard for gaining education but after we gain education we can enjoy life.As said,"The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet".Our present president Dr.APJ ABDUL KALAM has exhorted to ignite the brain.It means that the education that we have should be used for developing ideas as ideas lead to invention and exploration.For example,Columbus had an idea that the earth is round because of which he was able to discover America.The Wright Brothers got the idea of making an airplane form a flying bird.Similarly,there are many scientists who have described the structure of atom,got ideas from education only.

So,We all must Work hard and let our mind work,so that new ideas come out from it and we can have many Newtons in our country and we should start enjoying our studies and the entire process of education.To begin with,we need to study for ourselves,to learn and to become knowledgeable human beings instead of parrots who just cram up whatever they hear and repeat it mechanically.Do not study in order to collect and erudite.Furthermore,we need to explore the beautiful world around and make our career in the particular feild which interests us.

So, follow the dictates of the heart,applying the mind to it.Success is sure to follow as immerse ourselves in the feild in which we are actively and willingly engazed and everyone has a lot of knowledg in their brains and we shoud not jus store that knowledge but bring it out, so that our county progress and in the next few years India will become a superpower.