Education Mess In Mira Road
NEWSUPDATE | 28 Jun 2010

How schools are fleecing the common man in Mira Road


Mira Road - The New Mumbai Hub - Is growing by leaps and bounds in all aspects both good and bad. The growth of housing has resulted in alot of people coming to this tinsel town. The infracstrure currently available is not able to support the requirements of the common man and as a result many are making money taking advantage of the situation. A classic example is the educational facilities. In todays India and with the lucrative salries offered by MNC's the requirement of English or Hinglish is a become a necessity more than the regional / national langauge. All those who aspire to learn English are seeking admission in various schools for their kids not even considering whether the schools are capable of imparting the correct education leave along the money being spent by the parents for the same. One has to accept the fact in Mumbai that the best of education facilities are run by Christian organizations and the level of education is far superior compared to those in the neighbouring cities run by other institutes. Looking at the trend every Tome - Deek - Herry - (Tom - Dick - Harry) are opening schools. I recently was watching the annual function of a school "_____   ______ English High School located at Beverly Park". The Trustee, Teachers, Principal - Cannot speak Hinglish forget about English. I enquired with some students only to learn that the teachers speak in Hindi and nobody can speak clear English - Let alone correct English. The popular Christian names are used to open a school and parents get enticed and put their kids to the school without even knowing the school background. The teachers are all legally trained holding various qualification but cant speak English - Even the teacher who teaches English as a subject cant speak English. The schools are a medium of education and the Teachers impart what they know to the kids. If the Teachers are incomptetent how can they impart knowledge to the kids. A new fad is donations. I went to a school to check admission status for my daughter, The school is located at a place which in not walkable, approach road is with muck and water. The fees for nursery are 23,000/- The joke is 13,000/- are the fees for the year, 10,000/- is a deposit - (Did not confim if refundable or non-refundable). What is the deposit for?. Another school quoted 25,000/- for fees for a year. The first schools amout was only fees. Books, Uniforms, Bus charges are all extra. The local municipal body is least concerned about the facilities about the lower schools and turning a blind eye to all opening these schools. Education has become a money making racket and the authorities are hand in glove with these institutions. I recently seen a movie called Patshala (not to sure about the name) The situation of schools today is exactly what the movie depicts. Money Money And More Money. Education was a noble career in the past - Today it is more of a money making fad. Some advice for those wanting to put their kids to school. Check or ask the following.

Is the school registered.

If only lower school - Plan for the years to come - When it will be accomplished. (else your kids will be moving to another school once they complete lower school) - This is the usual senario.

Strive to get you kid into a school with std Nursery To 10th - You can be assured less nightmares in the years to come.

Talk to the teachers and principals to guage if they are capable of educating your kids in the language of instruction. What is taught is what your kids will learn.

Check for playground facilities - You need to send your kids to school and not a prison facility. - Recreation is a major part of your childs education.

Canteen facilities if available and what kind of food is available.

Facilites provided and achievements of the school in the past years.

Everybody wants to invest their money wisely so that it can provide the maximum returns, In the same way your childs education is a major investment - And the right school is the important investment cause after 10 / 12 years - The investment will provide the returns and the quantity of returns will indicate the school you invested in.

Jai Hind.