Education needs a revolution
Nidhi | 28 Feb 2011

What is the meaning of education? Is education only for the literate? Has it become a profitable business? The Indian education sector needs a major push to trickle down to the most illiterate.

WHAT IS the meaning of education? I really don’t understand but what I noticed is that earlier meaning of education is to literate people but in present, education itself becomes a profitable business.
Today, at every corner, every place we find so many colleges, for instance, engineering colleges, everyone wants to be an engineer or want to work in IT company and also they get admission in colleges very easily no matters what their percentage was or they are able to pursue this or not, they get admission easily because now the only aim of colleges is to fill their classes with a maximum number of students so that they make their profit. Because quality of education no matters for them.
The students get the admission easily whether their percentage is 55% or 50% or whether their communication skills good or not. Those students pass their degree with a maximum number of supplies and over all degree with a percentage of 50 or 55% but what is the benefit of this. In India around 240 Universities controlling somewhere 5000 colleges of various courses churning out millions of graduates seeking jobs in vain due to lack of employability, communication skill and entrepreneurship quality. Technical institutes and medical institutes are merely another business venture for the promoters.
Now we all can imagine what the future of these students is. In reality only 20% of the population is educated in India. Also, only 25% of the Universities are having world class education. And also the reservation system, well I am not against this but reservation in education I don’t understand. I think because of this we lost some of our brilliant students. In my opinion reservation should be only for those students who want to get the higher education but they are not able to get it.
Apart from that, the cost of education is also rising spirally. Now, the higher education has become a distant dream for the middle and lower middle income group. In fact, the education, whether primary or higher should be the responsibility of government.
Now we need a revolution in education system of India.