Vinod Anand | 14 Aug 2013

EID EXCITEMENT AT ALLAHABAD (Vinod Anand) Whether Eid falls today, as many would be expecting or tomorrow the excitement and joy associated with the festival has already enveloped the city. Every Muslim home turns into an abode of joy on Eid. And the influx of Hindu friends reaching Muslim households to offer them festive greetings provides an eloquent testimony to the glory and grandeur of our everlasting composite culture. There are smiles, smiles and smiles on all faces. We join them in their joy too. We have received lots and lots of love from our Muslim brethren, our esteemed patrons, who has stood by us through thick and thin. If I were to recall the names of all the dear, noble souls of this adorable community, there may be no space left for other things. But there are several other things that have to be said too. It is normally said that every cloud has a silver lining. But Eld is a very big silver lining. And if it is surrounded by not one but several clouds, some rather dark, then they have to be blown away too. On this happy occasion there should be only silver linings all the way. And to ensure this I would request the authorities concerned to attend to some urgent necessities associated with this and any other festival (1) In the first instance, I would expect the Nagar Nigam authorities to press in extra staff to ensure cleanliness in the areas surrounding the different mosques in the city. Garbage heaps should be cleared on emergency basis, especially in areas notorious for being littered with heaps and heaps of domestic waste. Let Nagar Nigam depute extra staff. If there is water-logging at some spots near the mosques, the area must be cleared with the help of pumping sets and all the muck removed (2) The Power authorities are also requested to ensure 24-hour electricity supply to Muslim dominated areas so that there is no disruption in their festivities 3) Ensure water supply too, with tankers if the taps cannot serve the purpose. 4) Patrolling should be enforced round the clock to ensure that mischievous elements do not fulfill their objective of creating disturbances to disturb the peace of the city. Near the busy shopping centers special precautions will have to be ensured. Post cops near ATM centers because Eid is an occasion when many people may have to go in for emergency withdrawal of money for mounting expenditure due to unforeseen circumstances. In the end, I will wish all our Muslim brethren a very, very happy Eid. May your life be an unending journey of joy--full of success and achievements and realization of all your goals and achievements, hopes and aspirations?