ElBaradei get Indira gandhi prize for disarmaemt, peace and development
Om Prakash Yadav | 16 Oct 2009

Director general of IAEA Elbaradei has been conferred Indira gandhi peace prize at Rashtrapati bhawan yesterday. He is the man who contributed a lot in getting the 123 agreement operationalsied therefore this award is a mark of respect and gratitude towar

 Indira Gandhi Peace, Disarmament and Development Prize has been conferred on Mohammad ElBaradei yesterday in an impressive function organised Rastrapati Bhawan by President Pratibha Devi Singh Patil. Md. ElBaradei is the Director General of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna and had vigorously pursued ratification of nuclear safe guard agreement by 40 nations Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). ElBaradei’s name came into prominence when India and USA signed Indo-US Civil Nuclear Deal, popularly known as 123 Agreement. This agreement generated too much political heat in India and it seemed at one point of time that the then UPA government would fall on this issue due to incessant and unrelenting opposition by the left parties, who were supporting the government form outside that time.

The signing of this agreement ended India’s decade long nuclear pariah caused due to Pokharan tests in 1994. Mr ElBaradei’s selection for conferment of this prestigious award was made by an eminent jury chaired by PM Dr Man Mohan Singh, owing to his (ElBardei) ‘impassionate efforts and contributions in the field of International nuclear disarmament and world peace’. But many people think that this prestigious award was given to him for his assiduous efforts in getting the 123 Agreement go through IAEA and NSG. Even some nuclear scientists in India and abroad feel that had this amount of support been not rendered by ElBaradei in getting through this deal, India would have not been able to ensure operationalisation of this deal so quickly. Thus, India has conferred this award with a sense of gratitude towards him.

ElBaradei, a former Egyptian diplomat got this job (head of IAEA) in 1997 and would retire on 30th November, 2009. His career and services as head of this international nuclear watchdog have been excellent and without any scar. This award would only add some more feathers in the cap.