Election campaign through ?Websites? will change the opinion of voters
HARISH DIDO | 29 Aug 2013

There are possibilities of coming up of more such websites which could change entire set-up of the parties and even gives new colours to the general elections.


In this Information Technology-era, especially the youths which numbers 65 per cent in the country, want to be updated himself, now not with the click of the mouse but by touching the small screen on the small handy gadgets.

The statement of Rahul Gandhi, Congress Vice President, while addressing the State Units of NSUI of Congress, is interesting that in case India is a computer then Congress is its default programme. Obviously, this is a new language which has entered in the politics.  In fact, IT has a great impact on the living standing and thinking of the society.  The methods of dialogue have also been changed especially the young generation has deep impact over them.  Young generation has come up with the new vocabulary and they think and speak in the same manner. The politicians were earlier in a problem over this and even Lalu Parshad Yadav had made a mockery of it by saying “Yeh IT Fi Ti kya hai”.  The politicians were of the view that this new technique will be confined to a small group and the common man, who is the real voter, will not come under this influence.

On the other hand, with the entry of academically, professionally and administratively qualified leaders in the politics, they too have started giving importance to Information Technology because of the fact that direct contact with the public is not the agenda of the parties, they have not bothered to pursue the same. But the meaning of this are different for Rahul Gandhi and other young qualified leaders as they have grown up by using new technologies and they understand as to how this information technology has mixed up with the majority group of the nation which plays a pivotal role in changing the opinion of the public. Perhaps, this is the reason, Mulayam Singh Yadav was in doubt over the use of IT while his son Akhilesh Yadav has felt the necessity of distributing the tablets among the students who are the future of the nation. The leaders from the academics of present generation think differently to plan the long term strategies on the basis of information gathered about the life style, requirements, thinking of the people.  The distribution of computer during the various assembly elections was a part of manifesto of certain political parties.  Now the position is such that irrespective of any political parties, all are preparing their workers to do the election campaign on social websites by giving them training as social website has become a major forum for making a public opinion.  In view of the coming elections, this forum has started the use of this technique. 

It is pertinent to mention that the rivals of Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendera Modi have prepared a website under the name ‘Fenku.in’ who have claimed to expose the false stories of development of Modi.  There are possibilities of coming up of more such websites which could change entire set-up of the parties and even gives new colours to the general elections.