Electronic media - a boon or a curse to the society
Sakshi Aggarwal | 29 Dec 2010

Electronic media is our eye to the world. It holds the power to motivate millions of viewers. The media should learn to use this power wisely.

ELECTRONIC MEDIA is our eye to the world. It is one of the fastest modes through which the news that travel effectively and reaches to the masses, even in rural areas where the audience watching the news is not equipped with good English skills and have the advantage to Hindi or their mother tongue language news channels. The electronic media holds the power in their hand to motivate millions of viewers to perform a good deed.

A viewer gets to see the live coverage and videos of an event or a mishap at an instant. But are the TV channels actually fulfilling their responsibility? Do they realize that they have a power in hand to form an image or sabotage an image of either an organization, person or to say the surrounding people are living in? Their prime job is to telecast the news and secondary if they are there to make money by showing advertisements. More and more news channels are interested in showing advertisements for 10 minutes and not telecasting news and the events that are happening around us. These days the channels show even the trivial of news as breaking news whether it is Salman Khan going to a restaurant or Dolly Bindra fighting yet again on Bigg Boss 4.

Recently, there was a news channel which was telecasting news about children getting ill in a rural area because of contaminated water. The reporter asked the people around, of what was there in the water and the villagers told them that the concerned authority has picked the samples and they would be able to tell her better. The reporter forced them to an extent to tell her and the villager told her that it was actually human excreta which was their in the water. Do they actually have to show the complete version; the outputs could have been edited making it decent.

It’s the job of the TV news editor to edit news to an extent that they do not land up showing incorrect information or showing news that are trivial exaggerating it all the time . In the run of making TRP’s the electronic media has forgotten the core job. They should draw a line between the news which is actually breaking and concerns the lives and news that is entertainment-based and should be shown frequently but should not dominate the channel. They should reframe their priorities of being a news channel first and then a platform of making money out of it.