Vinod Anand | 10 Aug 2013

END OF ADMINISTRATIVE TERROR AT ALLAHABAD (Vinod Anand) Citizens will heave a big sigh of relief over the withdrawal of the controversial reservation order that has led to complete breakdown of normal life in, Allahabad with bullying elements among the cops creating unprecedented havoc, using draconian methods to crush the agitation. Only the other day I wrote: Boys will be boys. And they have been behaving like that since ages. You can guide them, cajole them, shout at them but cannot treat them In a barbaric manner as that could leave permanent scars of bias, prejudice and hatred in the minds of those being victimized much more than they deserved. Only yesterday I wrote: ‘Sooner than later all cases will be withdrawn, if past experience be any guide. Why then is the whole thing being unnecessarily prolonged?’ We had called for the urgent need to apply the healing touch with immediate effect. Mulayam Singh Yadav had personally to intervene, especially when Dr Ranjana Bajpai and others of AU explained to him the gravity of the situation. Better late than never, many would say. I will say that it was still not too late. The Chief Minister too has acted. Firmly and strong action is in the pipeline against those who started the whole thing without realizing that the matter could assume fiery and explosive dimensions as it very well did. The administrative terror has come to an end, one hopes though there may be fresh trouble in the offing from those elements who might be opposed to the State Government’s decision to reverse the UPPSC policy. If reports are to be believed, what is most astounding, the Government says it was not informed by the UPPSC bosses before taking the controversial decision which they enforced so ruthlessly. If some of the erring staffers to be transferred or action taken against them, that would not and should not end the matter. Such things can happen again in future if things are left to the whims and fancies of those allegedly nursing a partisan and biased attitude on such crucial issues. And if a demand has been made for the immediate transfer of a police official, as he is accused of bias, then that too has not come as a surprise. As reports indicated the other day, this official was ordering the CO to lathi-charge the boys whereas the CO bluntly told him that there was no need to do so. This fellow, according to some, pretended not to recognize the IG (Zone) by saying that his face was hidden by the helmet he was wearing. The way he called out to him, ‘Idhar avo’ startled every one. If this man could not differentiate between the IG and a common cop, being a responsible police officer himself, how can he be expected to differentiate between a criminal and a law abiding citizen? That can happen if one shuts his eyes with the bandage of casteist bias and prejudice. If the State Government has agreed to the demand for his transfer, that should be regarded as a step in the right direction. Likewise all those officials who had the students arrested on serious non-bailable offences should also be hauled up. How could they act like Hitlers? These officials wrote a black chapter in the history of free India. Even the British oppressors were not so cruel towards the students though they did not spare other freedom fighters and crushed them ruthlessly. There was during those days an unwritten law that police would not enter the University campus without the written request of the Vice Chancellor. And the British stuck to their word. But here, the cops ran amuck when they started chasing students, following them even in the lodges they were staying. This was sheer madness that cannot and should not be condoned. The fact that the UPPSC order has been withdrawn is by itself a proof of the explosive nature of the policy that was pursued and executed. If students were provoked, why was that not foreseen? How could the policy makers and executors be so blind to the stark reality that was to emerge as a result of their thoughtless action? They will all have to be answerable and it would be best to hold an inquiry into the whole unfortunate episode. How it is that such an important decision was taken without seeking the approval of the State Government.?     PAGE  PAGE 2