english as a language or religion

english has become a stautus symbol in India.


English as a language or religion:-
English well known language and universal accepted but in spite of universal accepted language like English many countries prefer to talk in their own language like Russian in Russia , French in France , Chinese in China, Spanish in Spain and many more.
But the unfortunate part in our country is that English has become a prestigious issue and many people think it as a status symbol. My only concern is why? Why and How English has become a status symbol?
I am not against of English language, to know English language is not harm because it vastly accepted in the world but to make this as a status symbol or prestigious issue is totally wrong. In our constitution there are 18 official languages in which vastly population speaks Hindi. English has become a major part of day to day life in metros and people are adapting this as a status symbol in spite of many people speak  totally grammatically wrong English but if it comes to show off we Indians know well How to do show off in front of people who might not have enough skill of English.
I am not against of any regional language either, regional languages or mother tongue should be there, but to communicate between two people from different region there should be national language. In Britain English is their national language not their mother tongue because if you go to Wales , Scotland , Northern Ireland they speak their mother tongue, In Scotland they speak  Scottish which has Gaelic accent , In Wales they have welsh language and  in Wales one can find a signboard in two languages  one in welsh and other is in English. Bollywood is one of the biggest names in the world and  they are doing their best to promote Hindi in world stage.
I am going to request to corporate sectors in India as well that during interview please don’t judge people according to their fluency in English, go to their ability and knowledge in particular field.   
Government of India must take some serious action to promote Hindi as national language. There is ‘Hindi Diwas’ but we need to do more than this, especially against those who think English is status symbol.