ERPs for NGOs should be mandated/encouraged for achieving better results
Vishnu Mohan | 22 May 2014

In India, it is estimated, there exists one Non Governmental Organisation (NG) for every 400-1000 people. These organisations do help the society in getting forward. Debates are needed to explore the possibility of mandating or encouraging strongly for all these NGOs (existing as well those planned for the future) for going in for Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. This was suggested by none other than Mr. Narayan Murthy, who is the Executive Chairman of Infosys Ltd.

In the words of Mr. Narayan Murthy, “Technology is about reducing costs, cutting cycle time, and improving productivity.  The power of algorithm is extraordinary.  It can make the society a better place”.  He made these statements while delivering the keynote address at the opening ceremony of a global hackathon by Code for India, an NGO.

Any solution which can help NGO organisations to better their performance would mean society can be efficiently served and therefore introduction of ERP solution package for all the NGOs in India would mean society getting a benefit boost.  Mr. Murthy further added, “Today, we have in India about half-a-million NGOs, and most of them are very small.  They don’t have an ERP solution.  And with the result, I have found time and again that these NGOs get into somewhat uncomfortable situations either with tax authorities or other stake holders”.

Therefore, concerned authorities can do well to debate the above issue for either strongly encouraging or mandating NGOs for going in for ERP solution packages tailor made for them.

Hoping the above merits consideration at the right quarters.