Even we are humans!
neha suyal | 03 May 2011

Its about the life of girls, the problems that we face everyday. Is it a sin to be a girl? Is it that to be safe we girls should bring our life to a stop? Don't we have the right to explore the world.? To be happy?

EVEN WE are humans! What happend to Radhika Tanwar could have happend to anyone of us. What was her mistake that she was a girl? Ah!” An innocent girl of 20 years old was shot dead on the foot- over-bridge outside Ram Lal Anand college in Dhaula Kuan’s Shantiniketan on 8th march 2011 in the daylight.
The murderer  Ram Singh killed her because he saw his wife in her.”   Its not only after Radhika’s case that we feel threatned but its almost evry second day we hear something or the other  happening with many such innocent girls in the metro city. Sometimes its the tinted cars which create a threat, sometimes its the rapists and sometimes these murderers.
Where where do we see girls are safe? Nowhere, shall we bring our life to a stop? Shall we stop going to college and put a stop to our education  and just keep sitting at home all 24*7? Is that the only way to be safe now?  Don’t we have a right to live? I would like to question people why, why are we haressed in all possible ways? Just because we are girls and you consider us to be your puppets and do watever you feel like with us? No we are not only girls but human beings like you all.
Government thinks its work is done when once the rules are made but who will see to it whether they are being followed or not. Let me put up the metro case which is now considered to be safe and comfortable.  With my personal experience i tell you its just that the government has declared the first compartment of the metro to be for “women only” but what if some of the gents come there knowingly or unknwoingly? Who is there to look after? No one at all. And if for once we start telling these people they sometime become rebillious.
Most of the time its the uneducated people who do this. So, is the authority not responsible for this. Is it not possible that they can have atleast one guard in the compartment who can help these things.
This is not only the case with metro but at various other places as well. What happens in the trial rooms these days. People are trying to capture girls changing and then making it public by selling such cd’s in the market. Is there no solution for this? There is but the only problem is no one cares or bothers to work for these problems. And thus who has to suffer is the “woman”. Girls have become a piece of entertainment for people they see them with dirty looks, play pranks with them, eve-teasing being one of the most common thing and much more. And who is there to look after? No one.
Why can’t we get a proper security? Its just fake promises that are made to us that we’l be provided with security but nothing of that sort happens. The devils follow us everywhere. Can you for once imagine a world without girls? No not at all what would this world look likethen. Nothing,  but an incomplete stage without all the characters present here.
So as to save the world from getting incomplete, rise people rise fight against your rights. Let government not only make promises but also fulfill the promises and take measures to protect us. If they do not do it willingly let us compell them to do it. Raise your voice against this molestation. Let people know we are not weak.