Eventful date 11.11.11
John F Williams | 04 Feb 2012

This specific date will only occur after a century. And by then you and me won't exist on the face of this beautiful planet.

THE DATE that comes in our mind  in recent times is 11.11.11. This specific date will only occur after a Century. And by then you and me won’t exist on the face of this beautiful Planet. The Media made this date an event of great interest to the public. Some people took it auspicious or other wise. Even it was speculated that on this very date the World will come to end.

The day and date is very important  in one’s personal and professional life. It may be the Date of Birth, date of marriage or the date of a Promotion  etc The date of virth is the most important since it is quoted/ recorded every where. But for Lord Jesus there was no D O B, he was born on 25th December, 0000 and no Calendar existed that time. He was the only person pre announced, his coming was never unexpected. But no date, period was defined The English Calendar only took birth with his arrival.

His birth created history with two divisions , one before his birth and the other after his birth Even people who don’t believe Him also talk of B C or A D. This human child Jesus , the King of Kings  was born of the Virgin Mary  and he had no Date of Birth. The next similar eventful date will  be 12.12.12 and we will enjoy it in case we survive by then.