Ever-green heroes of Indian film industry
John F Williams | 30 Nov 2011

They were the heros in real sense. They all climbed the ladder by their hard work, caliber and sincerity.

IN BOLLYWOOD he is known as Dilip Kumar while his beloved parents named him Yusaf Khan, and he is husband of Saira Banu. To the best of my knowledge he gained fame in the film industry with his role in the film Daag, and it earned him the Filmfare award too.

He is the only actor who was awarded Best Actor Film fare Award eight times, repeat eight times, can you believe it? He has been also decorated with Padam Bhuhan. All his movies had good story, beautiful songs and of course the best possible music by Naushad. Almost all his movies - Aan, Daag, Didar, Urankhotla, Insaniyat, Naya Daur, Kohinoor, Ganga Yamuna, Leader, Mugaleazam, Kranti, and Vidhata, etc. Rather all of his movies had been hit throughout with House Full every time.

Now let us talk of the latest young Heros in particular of Abhishek. Son of Ambbitab and Jay and now the husband of Miss World  Ashwaria, is hardly impressive. Once a viewer rated him with a useless comment “A  Dark Horse“, completely wrong and baseless.

He stands no where in the comparison of Sunny Deol, Sanjay Dutt, Salman, Amir Khan, Mithuan and others. In fact he has the backing of his beloved Dad and Mom and so he has the Blessings in disguise. But how long he can run on the hired services of B, the time will speak for itself.

It shall not out of place to comment that these days all these Actors have their parental support in rising to a standard which actually they don’t deserve .To justify my statement, you may refer Kapoor family. Sunil Dutt family, Dharmender family, Sharmila Tagore and so many others.

The real extra-ordinary exception is Dalip Kumar, Balraj Sahni, Raj Kumar, Rajender Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Pran and few others who had no backing from any corner and nor they were inter-related to some in the film industry. They touched the height of their own caliber, hard work and sincerity. These were the real great, genius self made heros or artisits.

There may be thousand and thousand of handsome, beautiful and very talented actors and artists in our country but they never had nor they will ever have their luck in the film industry unless they have a full backing/ support of some one.