Every problem has a limited lifespan
pushpanjali | 26 Apr 2011

Most problems are not permanent - even if they are it's the attitude that helps to convert them into temporary blips that need to be dealt with one by one.

EVERY MOUNTAIN has a peak. Every valley has a its low point. Life has its ups and downs, its peak and its valley. No one is up all the time nor are they down all the time. Problems do end.
They do go away. They all are resolved in time. This principle is evident when you look carefully at history, for the history of humanity is a study in peaks and valleys. Humanity peaks at times when societies rise from decadence to a highly sophisticated state of civilization.
Eventually, however, most cultures allow decay to set in. rather that rooting out the negative influences, the human institution adjust to the downward movement. The decline continues and accelerates until it reaches a low ebb at which point it begins the long, slow ascent once more. History teaches us that every problem has a lifespan. No problem is permanent. Do you have problems? They will pass; they not will last. Your problem will not live forever, but you will! Storms always give way to the sun. winter always thaws into spring time. Ur storm will pass. You winter will thaw. Your problem will be resolved.