Everything is for sale under the Sun
Satbir Singh Bedi | 15 Sep 2014

My father told me that everything is for sale under the Sun. I retorted, "No, father. A man's honesty and integrity cannot be purchased." My father replied, "Honesty and integrity, my foot. These are only bookish things. Everything is for sale."

19 years after my father's death, I have realised that everything is, indeed, for sale under the Sun.  See the way our former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh sold his honesty and integrity as well as all his principles one by one. And even our kidney and liver is for sale.


One of my relatives was jailed for some economic offence which he did not commit and was later released on bail.  He told me that everything is for sale in jail also.  You can purchase comfort of a happy living in jail by paying bribe to the jailor.  Cigarettes, liquor, smack, etc. could also be purchased in jail.  Good food too could be purchased as well as the comforts of TV and air-conditioner.  If everything was for purchase in jail then of course, everything could be purchased outside jail also.  The witnesses could be purchased, the opponent's lawyers could be purchased and even police personnel could be purchased.  Of course, a woman's chastity could be purchased and even a man's chastity could be purchased.  You name anything under the Sun and it could be purchased.  Even Government's records including post-mortem reports could be purchased if you were involved in some murder case.  What more could one want?!