Ex- coach John Wright says fighting remains the only chance for India in cricket World Cup
Raj Bhandari | 15 Jan 2015

Well, former coach of Team India John Wright knows the strength and weakness of team inside out. It was only under the regime of Wright that India reached the final of the 2003 World Cup.

Although many of the fans believe that it was the experience of star players like Sachin, Dravid and Srinath that the Indian cricket was shining during the time of Wright.

Although this former New Zealand captain refuses to predict anything about the chances of team India in upcoming World Cup, but he emphasized that word "fighting" is the key element for Team India.

Reflecting on the 2003 Indian team, he said, "We had a settled team with the players playing together for at least two years. There was the experience of Sachin, Sourav, Dravid and Srinath with a world class player VVS Laxman missing out. We had a team with a good mixture of youth and experience which had good bowlers."

He added, "The current team is starting afresh and needs to get its combinations right and play as a team. They will have ideal preparations to build some confidence."

Totally focusing on the world 'fight', Wright said, "Fight is all you want to see from your team. I hope this lot can bring their fight out during the World Cup. They may well be in transition but they need to find the fighting spirit. They didn't during the England tour. At least, they have shown some progress in the recent Test series in Australia. This is a very open tournament with no team dominating world cricket for a year. If they can be sharp with the ball and on the field, they should be competitive."

Commenting on the fact that few of the grounds in New Zealand have become bigger and its possible impact on Team India, he clarified, "Indian bowlers won't be disappointed with longer boundaries but the running between the wickets comes into play. Some of the grounds in New Zealand have also got bigger. Bigger grounds give everybody a chance but the Indian batsmen need to say that we are going to run a lot more 3s."

Hopefully the Team India management will be taking note of the vital observations delivered by Wright to explore the chances of team India in this tough competition.