Excess of everything is bad.
Satbir Singh Bedi | 17 Dec 2013

Excess of everything is bad. A peg of day may keep you healthy and happy but excessive drinking is going to damage your liver permanently leading to early death. Similarly excessive smoking is likely to cause cancer leading to a miserable death.

Indulgence in sex once in a while is alright but excessive and careless indulgence in sex can ruin your life and make you a victim of various diseases. Similarly, eating in moderate quantities is alright but excessive eating can lead to many diseases. Fasting is alright and may improve your health but excessive fasting can damage your health permanently. Exercise in small quantities is very good but excessive exercising can ruin your health. Moderate views are always welcome but extremist views are often shunned and may actually lead to violence, riots, arson and massacre. Taking care of your health is a good thing but excessive concern about healthcare can make you a hypochondriac. Being a nationalist is alright but fanatical nationalism can lead to disastrous results as were seen in World War I and World War II. Welfare measures are alright and certain services need to be rendered by the State but total take over of services by the State results in ruin of the society as was seen in the erstwhile communist country. Capitalism mixed with pragmatism and welfare of the workers of the capitalist is good but unbridled Capitalism is ruinous. Internationalism is good but to sacrifice nationalism totally for internationalism is not good. To sum up, Buddha's middle path is the best course for us.