Expect Error Free Final Voter List this time
TR. Madhavan | 25 Nov 2013

After delimitation of constituencies in the recent past, voter ID cards were provided in the AC 51-Rajendranagar. As there were discrepancies in the Voter ID Card as well as in the final rolls of the every summary revision correction forms were submitted. As the new schedule of revision rolls is on, the draft E Rolls published has published on checking it found that proper correction has been made in the list.

But, the voter list of AC 51 - Part Nos. 85 to 93 in Upparpally and Chintalmet published as General, It should be as per geographical location in the area and municipal door numbers serial wise - mixture of male and female voters, jumbled one and improper allotment of polling booths.

The Part Nos 85 to 93 covers voters of eastern and western side of the PVNR Expressway (Inner Ring Road). Polling Booths 85 to 88, 90 & 92 are in Upparpally on the western side of the inner ring road and Polling Booths 89, 91 & 93 are in interior Chintalmet on the eastern side of the inner ring road. About 31% as per the list living in the western side of the inner ring road have to cast their vote in the polling booths of chintalment and 20% living in the eastern side of the inner ring road have to cast their in the polling booths of the upparpally. 
Example: Polling Booth No. 93, situated in Chintalmet mentioned as voters belonging to Happy Homes Tower, Palace A B & C, Upparpally, which is on the western side of the inner ring road but, contains only two voters names in that and rest from other door numbers. Part Number 88 situated in chintalment  contains the voters of the Happy Homes Palace A B C etc. In Part No. 88 husband's name appears and in Part No. wife's name appears - 2-4-46/P/A/G3.
Since 2004, even after several complaints from the voters error free final voter list has not been published of the above mentioned polling booths. At least this time with the help of the local Resident Welfare Association the CEO-AP will bring out error free final list and polling booths are allotted as per the geographical location and municipal house numbers of the voters.