Expect something good, except controversies.
Gauri Shankar | 12 Sep 2010

In India controversies can be find everywhere. It can be in a development issue, it can be in an event that is so special for country or it can be related to any celebrity.  Reason behind it is having so many parties. Every party has a different mind set. Currently some members of a party are saying that there is no need of metro in Jaipur. When the board meeting has been held, All the dates and schedules are fixed even train stations are also mapped than there is no need for such dialogs and creating controversies.
On the other hand when we talk about commonwealth  games Delhi we all are in great shocked with media;s highlights on corruption   related news. At the same time Mr. Mani shankar ayyar creats controversy by saying that " i will be happy if the commonwealth games will be flopped in India".  Mr. Shankar added that This is a waste of money, we should use this money to remove poorty. When we think in a different way it is a good emotional thoughts but there is no need such statement like this at the time when there is only a month to common wealth. These kind of dialogs are nothing mere a controversy. When there is a very little time to games, all arrangements are arranged, Krores of rupees are invested on development of Delhi, Not only Olympic association but whole India is expecting  such an exciting  experience of organizing these games and make a good name in the world map, we should also expect  something good rather than to say any unfavorable dialogs.