Experts believe sex education should be priority of parents
Vishnu Mohan | 25 Mar 2011

THE GOEVERNMENT seems to be rightly concerned about the spread of pornographic pictures through cell phones especially amongst the youth and teenagers and intends bringing about a suitable legislation to prevent this. 

Experts believe it is parent’s duty and responsibility to educate children on sex related issues at the right age.  Some parents may feel that they may lose esteem in the eyes of their children by imparting sex education and therefore they shy away.  However, children will gain immensely if they are properly told about the dos and don’ts on this vital issue governing mankind.

Expert’s opinion could be taken as indicators as follows:

-For male children, once they reach teenage when human body begins to sense change in the hormone systems, they should be made aware of the various facets of sex education. This will help they shun any wrong practise and be aware of the various pitfalls of unprotected physical relations.

-  Some survey findings suggest that workers perform better when they do not indulge in sexual activities while they are assigned tasks (including specific tasks) for accomplishment.  On the other hand, those workers who frequently watch adult only movies drink alcohol and indulge twice or thrice or more times in sexual activities with either their partners or sex workers during weekdays are found to be below average performers in their work.

-          The attraction for opposite sex will be very high during the teenage when sexual hormones are beginning to generate enzymes and any visual sexual provocation will only heighten the spirits to fantasise and if this act is followed with inadequate intake of nutritious food and lack of exercise with improper sleep all these could result in harmful state of both physical and mental status of the child resulting in losing focus many a time. Therefore, parents must ensure that children give priority to tasks which are healthy like sports, education, doing social and community work and so on or helping parents in their day to day needs and so on.

-          For children who are females, mothers could prove to be the best guardian in conveying best messages for their well being based on experience, learning and pointers.

There could be more messages conveyed appropriately to the children, on the lines as mentioned above, so as to enable the child grasp the subject nicely without getting confused. 

Handling the above issue in a nice manner is all the more easy where sex is not a taboo; however, it becomes an issue when talking about open sex is considered as an issue.  But the bottom-line is caring for the welfare and well being of children and to protect and guard them from misusing the knowledge on sex related matters and therefore it is all the more important for parents to responsibly educate children on this matter. More opinions are sought on this subjectmatter.

Hoping the matter receives attention at the right quarters.