Extend date for filing VAT returns for six months: Shri Ram Sena
Rajiv | 16 Oct 2014

State President, Shri Ram Sena, Rajiv Mahajan has urged upon the State Government for extending the date for filing VAT returns for Jammu traders by six months on the pattern of Kashmir traders.

In a statement issued here today, Rajiv Mahajan said that due to current situation in the State of Jammu and Kashmir after the recent flash floods, the business community of Jammu province has almost gone out of business with the scale of losses. 

The traders and the industrialists in Jammu province are in no position to make the payments of VAT as their payments are stuck with the traders of Kashmir to whom the goods were dispatched and their products in Kashmir Valley have been damaged and getting no payments. 

The traders of Jammu are more hit by the floods than the traders in Kashmir as their payments remaining with Kashmir traders and also there is no hope of realization of payments in near future or at all.

The whole commercial activities in Jammu have been stalled due situation and the business community is in great distress. Rajiv Mahajan further said that it will take a lot of time for the traders to recover from the economic losses suffered on this account. Mahajan vehemently appealed to state government to extend VAT filing date of Jammu traders for at least 6 months under the prevailing circumstances.

At the same time, Rajiv Mahajan flayed the heavy membership fee of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI). He said that Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) President Rakesh Gupta prior to elect as president assured that he will reduce the membership fees, if elected but CCI president Rakesh Gupta has forgotten his commitment and the fee is still Rs 25,000.

Rajiv Mahajan asked the CCI president to reduce the membership fee to Rs 5,000 so that all marginal traders may too become the members of CCI.