Extraordinary Book By a Little Wonder
SUDHA KASTURI | 24 Feb 2014

Gusto, is the first novel written by Vanishka Kasturi, a student 8th standard student. The book will take readers to a mysterious land where a trio is set for quest. Wonderful and extraordinary book by Vanshika Kasturi is budding writer. Even though she is just a student of 8th standard she has come up with her own book. Perhaps her passion for writing has inspired her to come up with her first book as writer. Her amazing presentation and understanding of adult world makes this book a must read.

The book is about the journey of a trio that begins. Like wounded warriors out for revenge the trio are out on a quest; a quest for a dingy place. But a sudden event changes the dingy place into a land of tranquility and purity. Read on to find out what that even actually was? Who the trio is and what is the mission they have set for? There was a land till now filthy and shabby but what made it change? How it became possible? Has it happened for good or there remains something wicked hidden behind? Read to find out of the trio succeeds in solving the mystery behind the change. There are riddles, scribbles, letters and mysteries what they lead to? Do they answers the questions or they are the solutions for reuniting the family of crusader’s scattered apart by twists and turns of life. Though a child, Vanshika has perfectly put her thoughts into her writing. The book puts forward her writing talent before the world. It takes the readers into a child’s mind where things are so simple yet so beautiful and filled with so much of imaginations. It is about the imaginary world we all sail into being a child, the thoughts of a fantasy world that goes around in our mind and the question we keep asking ourselves, most of which remains unanswered. The book is must read for every school going children to improve their habit of reading and for inculcating an interest of writing. The author has created a cute world of fantasy combined with an interesting mystery to be solved. The book is good for everyone who wants to relive their childhood days and for catching a glimpse of a child’s imaginary world. The author will definitely win the heart of her readers with her first novel and impress the literature world with her brilliant work.