Facebook more than 500m user`s Unique ID, privacy leaked
Anand Krishnan | 30 Jul 2010

Facebook more than 500m user`s Unique ID, privacy leaked





The Famous web portal Facebook in which the users of this portals personal details in which more than 500 million users are leaked and these becomes a fear of there personal security measures and why these has been done is a shocking to the user`s of facebook portal


The URL of every searchable Facebook user`s their names and their Unique ID are in a download file which are published in an another web portal and has been given to the Advertisment areas.


The world`s biggest filesharing website affected more than 500 million users on the networking site which is published on “Pirate Bay” site .


The list was so rapidly spreaded across the internet was distributed and download by more than 1,000 million users and this makes the internet campaigner`s fear in privacy matter


The publication provoked of concern from privacy  experts who said it proved Facebook`s “ confusing” privacy setting were still apparent .


The list was “ Leaked” to the site by on Bowels, an online security consultant who reportedly used a simple piece of code to collect the data from the site

 "There are going to be a lot of angry and concerned people right now who be wondering who has their data and what they should do."

In a statement to the BBC, Facebook said the list’s information was already freely available online.

The site recently faced a storm of international protest over its over-complicated privacy settings, which users said led them unwittingly to make personal information public.It forced the social networking site to announced last month that it would “drastically simplify” the controls that let users set how much of their personal information is visible to other users.

So the user`s of Facebook must be alert to put there personal details in the website because any think can happen any time