Facors of Crimes have equally important role.

There is set of social features ,which provided to man to regulate his behavior according to that set of norms and values. Some of them in society fail to conform to these norms. Failure to conform to the traditional norms of the society is deviant behavi


Various violence ,crimes ,contradictions, conflicts, frustrations ,tensions and oppositions are examples of deviant behavior. This deviant behavior brings tensions, disorganization ,conflicts and presents new challenges in social system.Rcently we saw various such things in Australia, Iraq,Pakistan ,IndiaPakistan,U.K,USA,and every nook and corner of the world.
Deviant behavior is term of comparative condition. In all societies it occurred in some or less extent. There is no society which is free from any deviant behavior. The meaning of normative system is changing according to need of society. There was time when disobeying the rules of caste was considered as deviant behavior, but now in age of equalization norms of caste are valueless and worthless. In short purposely violation of any law which exist in valuable place in society, called deviant behavior.
Crime and violence are clear and transparent examples of deviant behavior. In present plural society , the role of religion ,community ,caste, language, are important and any opposite or contradictory action against these also comes in category of deviant behavior. The Reason behind it is a democratic system ,where all faiths and religions are well respected.
Throughout history, the most important aspects of the democratic way of life have been the principles of individual equality and freedom. Accordingly, citizens in a democracy should be entitled to equal protection of their persons, possessions, and rights; have equal opportunity to pursue their lives and careers; and have equal rights of political participation. In addition, the people should enjoy freedom from undue interference and domination by government. They should be free, within the framework of the law, to believe, behave, and express themselves as they wish. Democratic societies seek to guarantee their citizens certain freedoms, including freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech. Ideally, citizens should also be guaranteed freedom of association and of assembly, freedom from arbitrary arrest and imprisonment, and the freedom to work and live where and how they choose.
 As far as deviant behavior is concerned there is great role of  factors of same as sociologist , psychologists and jurists have interpreted.
Role ofBiological factors are great. Many studies have sought to explain crime through this factor. Most of them compare habitual criminals with people who have not been convicted of crimes to try to find important differences between the two groups. Since the late 1800's, for example, researchers trained in the biological sciences have searched for physical differences. Such studies involve differences in body type, the pattern of brain waves, and the formation of genes. Lambroso and Charles Goring said that due to defective traits of body they want to attract attention of others, so they commit crime. Other sociologists believe that due to heredity of criminals their offspring also do such acts.
In compare to old, young people inclined more towards acts of crime. Quarreling nature ,tension ,frustration, etc are some biological factors of crime. Although  none of these studies has proved that criminals have any physical traits that make them different from other people.
Psychological factors are also equally important.
 Research by psychiatrists and psychologists ,stresses personality differences resulting from experiences in childhood or later. This research shows that many people who became criminals were neglected by their parents or were given harsh or uncertain discipline. Such treatment left them insecure and demanding in their relations with others. Their own wants made them ignore the needs or rights of others. But researchers have had difficulty making a direct connection between emotional needs and crime because many people with emotional problems find acceptable ways of solving them.
Economic factors have different role in undertaking crimes. Due to industrialization and urbanization, the needs of people are at increasing rate. There is limited sources for satisfying unlimited needs. In many countries, most crimes are committed by boys and young men. They are particularly likely to commit burglaries, car thefts, and robberies .Modernization has changed the concept of standard of living which was simple living and high thinking .Only recently  it is converted in to high living and simple thinking.
Social factors can not be overlooked. For many young city-residents, the excitement of the streets provides the rule escape from boredom and seemingly unsolvable problems. These streets are also the scene of much vice and crime--drugs use and sale, gambling, prostitution, public drunkenness, and acts of violence. Law enforcement in the inner city is difficult, partly because too few police officers patrol the neighborhoods. In addition, many of the people fear the police and refuse to cooperate with them.
Political factors have separate story to contribute the crimes.political leader also train people for committing crimes. They are paid for it. Booth capturing , killing the innocents ,murdering the other party candidates and honest people who do not pay money from government treasury, creating terror for voting system are so many other forms of crimes.
 Political factors  have become an increasingly serious criminal activity. It includes acts of terrorism against innocent people and assassinations of leading political figures throughout the world. Unlike many criminals who seek money or personal gain through crime, most terrorists and assassins commit crimes to show support for a political cause. Since the early 1970's, political crimes such as aero plane hijackings, assassinations, bombings, and the taking of hostages have become more frequent. As a result, governments all over the world have taken steps to protect against terrorists.
Defective Punishment system has increased the quantity of crimes. If person is harshly penalized for ordinary acts ,it makes him serious criminal in future. Our legal system too is loosely knitted . On the basis of false evidence any person can be punished by law. Such person does not have faith in laws so they violate the same to punish the others.
All this should be partly erdicated through conducting various studies.