Fag End of Life
Srinivas Vemparala | 15 Aug 2011

The story related to Old Age Home Conducting by A Christian Missionary.

Today is our 65th Independence Day, at 8.00am i attended the Flag Hosting at our Site Campus and gone for distribution of Fruits and Sweets to nearby Old Age Home conducting by and Christian Missionary called in local language (telugu) "BALAMMA SATRAM". this is my second visit to this old age home. at that time i have my father, my mother expired3 years back. now, this day again i have an opportunity to see the old people with age but in their eyes, i have obesrved that they have achieved something either right or wrong, i have observed some silence, some respect on us. we 5 people visited that place and we helped the sistes, brother over there for flag hosting and distributing the fruites and sweets. they have give an opportunity to say fiew words regarding independence day. one of my collegue started the whole process of independence day.

 i am observing each and every person in that old age home. in their minds they want to say something, they want listen something, but every where silence.

after flag hosting, we have escorted by the mission people, mother, brother and sister and helping staff to see the rooms of residents.

while entering into the homes, every body is above 65 years. they are standing and paying "namaskarams" to us which we are having half of their age.  i cont understand that whey these people become like this. i dont have time to discuss with the mother of mission, somehow she explaing somthing regarding some people.

last but not least we have visited an emergy ward or called it as icu room, where there are 6 beds are there including attached toilet. there the so called old people or patients going to treat and take care of them, i have seen one man with tamil slant and some sounds he can make, laying on the ground with out anything on his body. if so we cover with a bed sheet or any cloth material he is removing and shoing his organs to visitors.

after passing him i personally entered into to a cabin, near to a women and touched her and asked about herself in telugu language with mother of mission. she replied that, she is having severe body pains, mother is instructing her to lay on bed, every thing will be alright. i asked about her, mother told me that she is thrown away from house, she fell in a local drain with heavy speed and met with at wall of the drain and got internal injuries, she is very fair in colour and agaed about 65 years.

why the people dont have forgetting their responsibilies to treat their parents in this manner. if so why such missioneries are taking such social responsibilities. who will change such nasty system.

my collegue, has reminded in his speech, that why you people has to come stay these homes, i dont know, but our generation will not do such nasty things to elders.

after coming out of the home, we have visited the Chirst Praying Room, where the pleasent , calm, peace. we especially i prayed with the god, please give courage, power, to those who are taking care of these old people by the missionary,. in the missionary, to the missionary.

last but not least, as i discussed earliler, recently my father died due to cancer on 04-04-2010. i proudly can say that i treated my father as "FATHER" who has trained me  "WALKING" EATING", "RESPECTING ELEDERS" and given "KNOWLEDGE" to me. his blessing always with me. so that i can raise the hand to help old , displaced people in my life. while going on this route, my fathere have a wish to see this old age home, but it is not happed, he gone to GOD.