Fashion ke liye kuchh bhi karega
Ahinsa Kumari | 01 Sep 2009

Why people like tattoos I don’t understand. This question is always knocking in my head.Utimately I asked to one of my closest boady and he says its give so sexy look. And I was amazed of his reply.Infact I was shocked only for the look they used tattoos but I was not satisfied, than after sometime I met lot of people and everybody having their own view.Infact in big cities it’s become a fashion tycoon. Day by day tattoos making a home in their heart in small town also. Especially in young generation it’s very famous. They would love to make tattoos on shoulder, back, leg, waist etc.
Tattoos is new fashion symbol to express your love.Saif Ali Khan exceed all the young heroes , and become the lover boy of Bollywood when he got kareena’s name tattooed on his hand. In reality in a movies and serials its very famous. Films like “Main prem ki diwani hoo”and serials like “Dil mil gaye” they shown a very good creativity. Actually a tattoo is a mirror of reflection of your choices.A Portrait tattoos put an end to the excruciating exercise of deciding upon the right tattoo design. If we are talking about the trends than we got to know it’s a rage these days. The people are nicely amazed when they see tattoos emerge, bearing perfect similarity to the person value so much. And no doubt it’s an amusing feeling to have ones beloved tattooed on the body. Tattoo lovers are mad with joy about a getting a portrait done.Infact portrait makes more sense than an intangible symbol. A bunch of meaning is attached to a tattoo. In the olden days, tattooing was a universal practice.tattoing serve as the memory of a lifetime.
“Fashion ke liye toh kuhh bhi karega”.On an average it takes three to four hours depending upon the detailing. And for the pricing it starts from 200 to 20,000 Rs .Its depends on the size. So it’s reasonable to everyone. There a lot of kind of tattoos are available in the market. Temporary ,permanent,devootees,portrait are some couple of examples to bliss your choices and take out to move in this world.Saurabh, a Telecom Management student says,” I have a tattoo on my back so when I do gym, my friends  used to say nice tattoo.espeially girls they like it and  say you look hot and sexy. At that time I feel so gaiety.”
Ankita Sharma, another student says “I have a tattoo on bottom of my leg. It looks so beautiful when I bear a short dress. People give me an attention and no doubt I turn into centre of attraction.” so guys and chic’s if you wanted to be a stylish go and have a taste of this attractive world.