Faulty examination system in India
ISHA SHARMA | 26 Feb 2011

Peer pressure, parental pressure, and societal pressure is creating an unhealthy atmosphere for the children today.

BOARD EXAMS induce stress and anxiety, which drives students to perform beyond their capacity. It is really shocking state of affairs where teenagers and even parents are driven to commit suicide.
Recent surveys reveal that the cause of suiciadl tendencies is because the pressure from the parents. The cpmpetition level in school  is also increasingly causing depressiona nd lack of confidence. It is important to have proper councelling and guidance to help them in regaining their self-esteem,besides imparting skills to reduce the unwanted stress.
Since a baby is born, the parents begin to spun dreams for their child .And that’s how they begin to bring up their kids. Some want their sons to become doctors, engineers or another lucky one to get admitted in an IIM. Parents are no where wrong as they have full right to lay their expectations on their children and show them the correct way to their destination.
But sometimes, unknowingly the expectations may take a ugly turn by building an unwanted pressure on the children that too from a very tender and young age where their imaginations lie to the extent of just making excuses for not doing their homework as they were busy playing and spending some leisure time on their hobbies. But the parents somewhere burden their kids with high expectations and the kids may become over-pressurised and tend to lose their interest on what they love to do and they may end up doing what their parents want them to!
This may take up a deadly turn when the children after trying with full dedication may have to face failures as they hardly have any interest in what they do under pressure and the kids have no option left but to commit suicide. And that is what the statistics show too! Parents may have reasons to be automatically under-pressure. May be they have a family history where every second child in their relation is an engineer or doctor. Or parents talking to their neighbour whose son/daughter just enrolled to another IIT institute or CAT classes! So we can’t just sit and crib about parents being at fault.
It’s society’s mindset, where SCIENCE AND COMMERCE is subject for intellectuals and ARTS as a subject for less intelligent or average lot of students. WHY IS THAT SO?! Does the willingness and personal choice of the students don’t matter!? Its long time, that the society changes its perceptions and mind-set change for a better picture than deadly and disheartening statistics. Other factors which contribute to increasing rate of children and youth to commit suicide is over-exposure to violence through television and films, Love and lust which is just making it impossible for parents to handle their kids and spending too much time online on social networking sites aggravates parents pain.
Ragging, bad company also contribute but on a minuscule as authorities have now come up with stringent laws to curb such situations. So now just sitting and criticising won’t work but each one should realise their duties and responsibilities so that such heart-shattering incidents not comes to an end and youths of India must realise that pillars of development of the country is in their hands and not just ending lives would work!
Life is very precious and examinations is not the end of life.The education system should be mended and the problem must be arrested before the frequency of these incidents decreases!