Fear Psychosis
Satbir Singh Bedi | 15 Jan 2014

Kolkatta High Court judges have refused to take female interns after two interns filed complaints against two ex-judges of the Supreme Court. Clearly, there is a fear psychosis in the minds of men that their reputation would be spoiled by an unscrupulous woman but women are also afraid of men as they think that men would take undue advantage of their position. So, there is a general fear psychosis.

When I was a Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, I was allotted a separate room.  One day, a somewhat ugly looking peon came to deliver letter to me and saw to it that the door of my room was kept widely open even in that winter for it was a winter day. 

Clearly she was feeling insecure and suffering from fear psychosis. However, I must admit that I too was suffering from fear psychosis because while giving dictation to my lady Personal Assistant, I saw to it that my room was kept wide open so that no accusations could be made against me.


When I was Under Secretary, I used to share my room with a lady Under Secretary.  One day a drunk Upper Division Clerk who was working under me, came to my room and made certain uncalled for remarks against the lady Under Secretary sitting in my room. 

I sent him away and asked the lady whether I should take action against him. She replied that there was no need to take action against the drunk man because he was only a clerk and had no reputation while her reputation would be at stake if it became known that indecent remarks had been passed against her.  In my heart of hearts, I was relieved because that drunk clerk was a rogue and would have had me attacked by his criminal friends outside the premises of the office.


The fear psychosis is not restricted to human beings but it is present in animals also and is the root cause of all the troubles in the world.  A snake is afraid of man while man fears a snake.  Once I was going to the market carrying a stick as my legs are not alright when I saw a big dog standing in my way. 

I immediately stopped moving forward fearing that the dog would attack me but the dog looked at my stick and ran away.  I was afraid of the dog and the dog was afraid of me.  This is also true of various nations and religions as well as races. Pakistan is afraid of India and India in turn fears Pakistan. 

Hindus are afraid of being attacked by Muslims and vice versa. Similarly, Indians are generally afraid of Africans and Pathans for no reason whatsoever.  So, the fear psychosis is there and due to it, sometimes, we attack the person whom we fear with dire consequences.  In fact, fear is the root cause of all the evil.