Felicitation function by Josh and Firaq literary society
Vinod Anand | 24 May 2012

Mr. Justice Markandey Katju, Chairman Press Council of India & former Judge, Supreme Court of India was recently felicitated by the Josh & Firaq literary society at a function organized at the Lukerganj residence of Sr. Advocate Mr. S.M.A. Kazmi, President of the Society.

SPEAKING ON the occasion, Mr. Justice Katju said that now the time has come when we should develop our culture which could be possible by bringing Urdu and Sanskrit language forward. These two languages must also be made compulsory from class 3 to 7 so as to make the students culturally advanced. Mr. Justice Katju said that he had taken the cause of Sanskrit and Urdu because the Sanskrit-Urdu culture is the real and actual culture of India.Lamenting on some persons who with vested interests had propagated Urdu as a foreign language and the language of Muslims alone, Mr. Justice Katju said that these were false notions as Urdu is the mixture of Hindustani and \Persian and is the language of India itself.

As regards this language, he said that it best expresses the emotions and sentiments of a person with specialization in exposure of inner feelings of heartMr. Justice Katju further said that similarly some people propagate that Sanskrit was the language of religion part but, intact, its only 5 per cent relates to religion and rest 95 per cent relates to philosophy, mathematics and culture etc. He said that no society could develop unless it protects and develops its culture.Presiding over the program, Mr. SMA Kazmi described Mr. Justice Katju as a well informed and highly educated person whose visit to Allahabad was described by him as 'Return of Native'.

Conducting the program, Mr. Ali Ahmad Fatmi, Secretary of Society, termed Mr. Justice Katju not only as expert of law but also a good scholar and visionary. Noted communist thinker ZiaUl-Haq described Mr. Justice Katju as harbinger of culture of Allahabad to the world.On this occasion, a memento and shawl was presented to Mr. Justice Katju on behalf of Josh and Firaq Literary Society.On the above occasion, a Mushaira was also organized wherein several noted Urdu poets including Zameer Ahsan, Shah Mahmood Ramz, Khwaja Javed Akhtar, Aslam Allahabadi, Akhtar Aziz, Jilani, Gulrez and Tashna Kanpuri recited their Ghazals. Prominent among those who participated in the program included senior advocates Mr. Ravi Kiran Jain, Mr. Umesh Narain Sharma and Mr. W H Khan, Mr. Vijay Shankar Mishra, Dr. Saad Usmani, Mr. Khurshid Naqvi, Mr. Awais Hashmi, Mr. Vivek Singh and Mr. Sanjeev Singh.