Feminize I Welcome You To Usher "Matriarchy"
Capt (IN) J.K. Sharma | 10 Mar 2014

Shrill voices have been raised by Feminize across the societies of the world against "Patriarchy", as if it one institution which needs which needs to be demolished . A mans view welcoming the idea of "Feminize" making efforts to usher in "Matriarchy"

I am 63 years of age and have no need for any sexual gratification. I however, do chat with lot of women on Internet, only to understand what is happening in our society. I can tell you that today quite a chunk of college girls staying in hostels, women from affluent sections of society are into high end prostitution, which is taking place under the very police force, which is supposed to enforce SITA.

These women get paid through Internet from foreign countries in advance as per terms of settlement. The advertisements about Escort Service is nothing but a front for this kind of prostitution. Some of the affluent women, who want pure sexual gratification and do not like the term 'Escort/prostitute' go for Gigolos who serve their needs.

Have heart and courage to do a Sting Operation to prove me wrong. Only the very poor are into what you will like to call illegal prostitution and persistently abused by not only the brothel owners but hounded by Police as well.

It is a time gone by when, affluent men were having "keeps/ harem" and poor had poor prostitutes to serve them. Pendulum has swung to other side. Modern women socialites, hire drivers to do multi-tasking for them. Some are adventurous. It was there in news, how few girls, abducted a young man on the roadside and had forced themselves upon him.

In 80's first generation Feminist Germanie Greer had coined the phrase "Marriage is a legalised form of Prostitution". Second generation, that is present generation of women in an average age bracket 20-35 are out there in droves to prove her right, as they are in reality turning Marriage into a Legalised Form of Prostitution.

They get Divorce under LEGAL TERMS and so also "LOOT" a man and his ancestors. The highest paid prostitute from their clan, will be that wife, who would have got herself "Maximum returns , per day of marriage" as part of Divorce Settlement. Yes one more thing...she can marry as many as she wishes and get divorce settlement from each man.

"After all educated prostitutes have to prove their mantle to uneducated ones...how to go about amassing wealth from stupid men, who will still be thinking of women to be Goddesses... "
Talking of "RAPE"....men are being raped day in and day out by women gangs on streets trying to encash Sexual Harassment Law, Maid Servants accusing old rich household owners staying alone, Interns accusing all & sundry including retired Judges,

I can visualise ...when men will start demanding all mens buses and rail coaches... going on strike against marriage after enactment of IrBM in present form...& 498A , DV already there to squeeze the man.....

I have no issues against Matriarchy....... Please go ahead ......work whole heartedly for it.... I will take rebirth....just prepare my body physically.... no need to become an engineer or doctor.....just learn to speak English and how to behave in social circles....know how to dress up with costly gifts bestowed upon me ... enjoy life fully as the owner of house as "HOUSEHOLDER" .. as I will employ some other to cook ..do laundry ..do house keeping...Go ahead usher in MATRIARCHY...and most probably with man to woman ratio skewed ..will have many more women running after me....than I having to pay / provide for them as of NOW....Then in truest sense...there wont be any dowry deaths....only more suicides by women... as her HOUSEHOLDER man would have been lured by someone more affluent and beautiful. 

I am reminded of a joke which used to go around in our hostel days...Women of yore ....had issues with themselves being "women" and having to bear a child for '9' months and worse still having to undergo Labour Pains ... They petitioned GOD and their PRAYER to shift the labour pain to Man was granted....only to realise that they have let the cat of secret out of the bag.....as the real fathers started having labour pains, whilst husband was expectantly preparing himself to go though the same... So my dear Feminize make your choice about Matriarchy with more of critical analysis...before it is too late