Firms to hunt for ladies Director
Prativa Rathi | 26 Mar 2015

The Security and Exchange Board of India with its firm decision to have at least one female member director on the board has imposed a quota on the listed companies. The deadline set for appointing the female candidate is 1st April which itself took not less than 50 appointments to decide the companies names on Tuesday itself.

Seemingly the biggies were even included in the list namely Tata international, Bajaj auto along with some others such as Maxwell industries, Simplex Infra, Exports India, Shree Nath Commercial and Finance . Having it all said the SEBI chairman U.K Sinha stated it as an "abashed situation " where approximately 9000 companies were not able to employee one female apposite to be one their board. The companies would have tussle if the companies fail to meet the dead line and they would be facing strict actions laid by SEBI and stock exchanges.

However some companies have managed to employee female directors prior to the given dead line. Tata Internatinal has decided to appoint Vedika Bhandarkar while on the other hand Bajaj Auto has announced Gita Piramal on its board. With a long list of companies some have announced the directors while some are in the hunt as they have announced the appointment of woman directors.

As per the customarily trend of having most of the Indian women seen as house wife it is indisputably a defying task for companies to quest an appropriate female in such a short stint of time.

As it would require responsibility and enthusiasm to be designated in such higher hierarchy. Well even if a fact comes that you don't get as much female leaders as male members but it cannot be an issue to condemn that women cannot be the leaders. The only thing that has to be evolved is the mindset. Virtually if the companies succeed to have their female directors it would be a perfect boost for the ladies in the country.