First Cotton Pre-cleaning Unit set up in Punjab at Malout
HARISH DIDO | 16 Dec 2014

The state's first cotton pre-cleaning plant has been set up in the cotton yard of cotton mandi in Malout. The plant would give farmers value added service of getting their cotton crop cleaned, before putting it up for sale, thereby getting better returns for their produce. The clean cotton would create win-win situation for the cotton industry as well as farmers.

Divulging information in this context the Deputy Commissioner Jaskiran Singh stated that the unit would provide this facility to farmers at minimal cost. Machinery worth Rs 1.17 cr has been set up at the cotton yard, while another set of Rs 50 lacs equipments have been installed at the project thereby putting its total cost at Rs 2 cr. The Market Committee has started it on experimental basis and very soon it would be thrown open to the farmers. With a capacity of cleaning 6 tonnes of cotton per hour, the machinery would weed out leaves etc from the cotton crop and would lessen the moisture content as per requirement thereby improving the quality of cotton fibre.

He added that the unit has total six machines that would clean the cotton serial wise one-after-another. The first machine is named seed cotton dispending system wherein the cotton picked from fields would be put in. Thereafter the crop would go in hot air generation unit to adjust the moisture content of crop as per need using the hot air gushes. The cleaned crop would then be inserted into machine named vertical floor dryer which would allow the cotton crop to fall off gradually from the machine and lower its moisture content.

Thereafter the cotton would go to inclined cleaner where other inert matter is cleared and sends it further to super III stick machine separating the lint from dry leaves and other parts of plant. At last the produce would go into the impact cleaner wherein 12 rollers installed would produce finer crop. Here using two blowers the produce would be brought outside from the machine.