First Tamil e-comic magazine launched
Rama Lingam | 16 Apr 2008

India’s first Tamil comic e-magazine (e-comic) k-suvadi was launched on Sunday, the 13 th of April, 2008, the Tamil New Year Day.The first comic story explains scientifically how Tamil New Year falls in Chithirai and not in Thai.

Mr.B.Sivakumar, an award winning film-maker and Mr.Velluvan, a writer from Tirunelveli, launched the site www.k-suvadi.com together.While Mr.Velluvan conceptualizes the content, Mr.Sivakumar visualizes the same. K-suvadi stands for kanini suvadi, a Tamil equivalent of e-magazine or e-comic.

According to Mr.Velluvan, ‘Every country has its own form graphic novel or visual literature. Tamil Nadu has its own culture based visual content., which we want to bring it out in the newest media.It is a non-commercial experimental venture for the time being.’

The site will have a full length theme based comic story every 15 days.In addition to that, it will have a folk tale and an animated story.

Though the most famous Tamil comics monthly in print, Lion comics has a promotional website which carries only ads for forthcoming comic books, this is the first full fledged Tamil e-comic in India.

The Tamil New year story according to k-suvadi: Humans observed the movement of the sun, moon and stars and realized that they follow certain universal rules.One of their basic professions, agriculture, required an understanding of the change of seasons.They, especially the Tamils, divided the year into six seasons, rain season,winter,pre-snow season, post-snow season, light summer and heavy summer.

There were two calendars one according to the movement of the sun and another according to the movement of the moon.Initially the present 12 noon was considered the beginning of the day.Later, the rise of sun marked the beginning of the day.Tamils considered the time when the sun reaches equator in its travel from south to north as the beginning of the year.It used to be March, 21 in the beginning.Later changes in the Tamil Landscape (sea devouring land) pushed the New Year Day to April, 14 (Chithirai 1).In todays Tamil Nadu, sun reaches an equator on 10 th Chithirai and that day is celebrated by Tamils as Ponnerpoottal (Plough Festival)Another proof of the sun reaching the equator in Tamil Land is that the sunlight falls on the lingam in Kumbakonam in Nageswaram temple on that day.

The e-comic concludes that that the Tamil New Year falls in the month of Chithirai and that is the reason for the launch of the e-comic was planned on Sunday, the Tamil New Year Day.

Thank God, the 'Tamil New Year Day' has got a scientific reason and explanation and let the politicians know that there is no room for politics or passion in it.