Five exoplanets found orbiting the star Kepler-444
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 29 Jan 2015

According to a reported astronomical discovery has found that oldest known to the astronomers is encircled by five Earth-sized planets. The discovery suggests that planets formed were throughout the history of the universe.

Discovery has been made using the data collected by NASA's planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft which launched in 2009. Reportedly; the solar system that has been discovered has been estimated to be 11.2 billion years old and was born along with the formation of the galaxy.

According to the research report published in the Astrophysical Journal, the star with five earth-like planet has been named Kepler-444 and its planets have the perid of revolution of less than 10 days. These earth-like planets are at a distance of 117 light-years from us.

Ancient Earth-like planets point to the existence of alien life since scientists believe that our own planet Earth is a unique that supports life and same could be true to terrestrial exoplanets orbiting various stars in distant galaxies.

The Kepler space telescope has also detected a few thousand earth-like planets and it is being suspected to be in the habitable zone.The official definition of "planet" now relates Objects with true masses below the limiting mass for thermonuclear fusion of deuterium that orbit stars or stellar remnants annd the minimum mass or size required for an extrasolar object to be considered a planet should be the same as that used in our solar system.

It is said that, NASA's Kepler mission had identified around three thousand planetary candidates, several of them being nearly Earth-sized and located in the habitable zone, some around Sun-like stars.