Five reasons why admission to SLS Noida can be a game changer
Mohan | 30 Apr 2015

The Symbiosis Law School Noida is a premier institution that focuses on students who want to specialize in the domain of law.

The Symbiosis Law School Noida is a premier institution that focuses on students who want to specialize in the domain of law. Associated with the Symbiosis group, SLS Noida uses a blend of academics and industry exposure to help students maximize their learning. Additionally, the faculty teaches using the latest technology. This not only proves the institute's excellence in academic infrastructure but also indicates that they get to learn in an environment that is interactive as opposed to the monologues that usually happen in a classroom. Believe it or not, this interactive environment is what helps students evolve into capable professionals.

Admissions to SLS Noida happen through a centralized procedure that is carefully detailed in order to ensure that only those students with genuine interest are allowed. Here again, the interview panel gradually explores the interests of the students. Finally those admitted into the institution get to study at the prestigious Symbiosis group. Sure you gain knowledge, but the list of advantages goes way beyond these obvious options.

Here is a brief preview of five reasons that clearly prove a program at SLS Noida can be a game changer:

You get to learn at Symbiosis: The Symbiosis group was amongst the pioneers to propagate the benefit of quality education at an affordable price. When students enrol for the program at SLS Noida, there are given a holistic training that empowers them with the required skillset to become better professionals.

The Symbiosis tag on your CV: Ever since its inception, Symbiosis has established its reputation as one of the leading educational institutes in the country. Therefore, earning a degree from here, adds weight to your resume. To top it all, Symbiosis shares an excellent rapport with the leading legal houses of the country. This automatically increases your chance of getting preference over the other candidates when you apply.

Placement assistance: SLS Noida does not believe in leaving its students in a lurch when it comes to giving academic training. Even after the course is completed, SLS gives the students placement assistance. This gives them access to the latest job opportunities filtering their options and making it easy to apply.

No stress: Studying law can be taxing the brain seriously because the concepts are heavy and the issues are very serious. Sometimes students get stressed and end up leaving the course midway. As an expert, SLS understands this situation and takes every possible step to avoid it. From planning extra-curricular activities to options that work as stress busters, SLS Noida does not hesitate to walk the extra mile for its students.

Learn from the best: The faculty at SLS is amongst the best in the country. Learning here gives you a chance to actually interact with these experts and even hear first-hand experiences. All in all, studying here is a complete win-win deal for the students making it one of the most preferred destinations to pursue the course in the country.