Flyover projects need to finish on time, take examples from the past
Vishnu Mohan | 22 Dec 2014

Flyovers are planned in many parts of the country and also there are many flyovers which are under construction as well. The issue is wherever flyovers are under construction, till the time it is over (the complete project), commuters in that particular area face many problems with regards to bad traffic.

To avoid such traffic, which makes everyone's life a hassle on the road, there is a serious need for such projects to be completed on time.

I was looking at some ways and means to speed up the work of flyover -  couple of news items published in the past are presented herewith - it is not clear whether the system followed has worked cent percent and is doable - taking a cue from this, I therefore leave it to the concerned agencies to debate this issue and look for solutions for fast laying of better flyovers in the future.

Basing a news report, which appeared in the year 2007, with regard to new technique in construction of flyovers, the following emerged :

- According to an engineering expert, a new technology being used to construct a flyover at the Hyderabad International Airport, India would significantly reduce construction time.

- According to the spokesperson, while speaking at the three day international conference Fast Track Construction of Bridges for Important Projects, he said: "this project uses the latest technology of Precast Segmental Prestressed Concrete Superstructure erected by Overhead Launching Girders (OLG) which he claimed would drastically reduce total construction time". He also added, "It also minimizes the traffic disruption with a high level of upfront planning.  It also attains longer life expectancies and safety could be increased by decreasing the time".

- The method used would be environmental friendly, as no site concrete work would be involved for the superstructure. The spokesperson also added, "all the precast segments will be manufactured at off site casting yards and transported to the site on flat bed trailers during lean traffic period.  Later, they will be lifted and assembled transferring the self weight of the structure to the pot bearings located on the piers". The project could be opened to traffic in a period of 20 - 22 months.

Basing another news report published in this regard - chief highlights are as follows :

- The 3.6 long Panipat flyover construction by Larsen & Toubro Ltd., is India's longest six lane flyover on the country's NH network.  It is the fastest construction urban infrastructure, completed within 28 months, well ahead of schedule.  When opened to traffic in June 2008, the 10 km Panipat elevated expressway will provide a comfortable hindrance free, smooth sail-through at Panipat, where traffic snarls, congestion bottlenecks and crowded market places have so far been the order of the day.  Not only that, the project will now ensure smooth, hassle free traffic flow throughout the Chandigarh-Delhi National Highway.

- Commencing the work in January 2006, L&T completed the project eight months ahead of schedule, as against the contractual commitment of 36 months scheduled for completion by January 2009.

The reason for writing the above article is to ensure a speedy and timely completion of different flyover projects going on in the country.

It would also be great, if concerned quarters, taking the above as examples, encourage the ongoing team overseeing flyover projects in different parts of the country to take good lessons for finishing the ongoing work nicely and properly.