FM presenting the Vote on Account
Ajay Sharma | 07 Mar 2009

Jammu and Kashmir was not the only state to have presented the Vote on Account as various other states and even the Union Government in view of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections also did it

THE MINISTER for Finance and Parliamentary Affairs, Abdul Rahim while presenting the Vote on Account in the Legislative Assembly, instead of a full-fledged budget said that there were several reasons for the Government, including the announcement of the Parliamentary Elections and the consequent enforcement of Model Code of Conduct.
While interacting with the media, he said that presenting the Vote on Account for the first five months of the next financial year and revised estimates for the year 2008-09, in the Legislative Assembly, he added that in a full-fledged budget the Government would have made important announcements and chalk out welfare measures which, it could not do in view of the enforcement of Model Code of Conduct.
Meanwhile, he reminded that preparation of budget is a lengthy process but, the present Government did not get enough time to complete it and another reason for presenting Vote on Account was that the Planning Commission of India had not yet finalized the plan size of the State, he added. The Finance Minister further said that the Planning Commission will have a meeting on the State Plan on 16th March and 18th March after which the Chief Minister would discuss it with the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission followed by the final decision on the size of next year’s Annual Plan for Jammu and Kashmir. He said only after the plan size was finalized it would be included in the next year’s budget.
Though, replying to the questions, he said that pensioners would also get the benefit of the 6th Pay Commission on the analogy of employees and daily wage earners. He said the Government would mobilize resources after which the arrears on account of the implementation of the 6th Pay Commission would be given to the employees.