Vinod Anand | 23 Aug 2011

In order to live life peacefully, I am mentioning below some of the ways:

In order to live life peacefully, I am mentioning below some of the ways:

Don’t ever take away someone’s hope, it may all they have to hold on to;

Don’t make decisions when you are angry;

Take care of your physical body;

Be creative;

Don’t pay for job until it is finished;

Be careful of those who have nothing to lose;

Learn to say “no”, but do so with kindness and hard caring;

Never postpone any thing which is important for you and your family;

Don’t expect life to be fair;

Don’t be worried about losing battle, if this helps you win the war;

Don’t afraid of saying ‘ I don’t know” or “I am sorry”;

Contemplate the dawn hours at least once a year;

Look into the eyes of people;

Loneliness is a state of mind. You don’t need other people to love yourself;

There is nothing good or bad in life, so choose wisely;

Treat everyone as you would be treated;

Love in the moment. Don’t rush ahead; there is much to taste of life in the “now”;

Don’t be so hard on your self; you have come to this life to learn all about who you are; so enjoy the experience;

Learn form your own experience, and from others;

Always tell the truth; listen to your inner-self;

Much of your growth as a person will come through hardships and challenges. Embrace those and know you will be better, stronger, bold, wiser because of them;

Learn to listen, it is an Art;

Life is about energy; try to feel it around you, through you and in you. Distinguish the positive from the negative;

Enjoy the beauty of this Earth all around you, especially nature;

Don’t get out of control at any time, breathe deeply;

There are no coincidences and no accidents in life; everything big and small is for a reason; pay careful attention;

Meditate at least thirty minutes a day;

Enjoy time of rest;

Nurture and maintain your friendships, and it durable, especially with non-toxic friends;

Live more in your heart an d less in your head, you have a right to be happy;

Get rid of hatred and bitterness, they do you more harm;

There are those things in life that can never be recaptured; the spoken Word, time passed and Opportunities;

Do one thing at a time and it well;

There are two dominant energies in Life- Love and fear. Love overcomes all. Stay out of fear. there is nothing to fear, it only brings chaos;

Love your body. It knows what you think. From your emotions spring health or illness. Send yourself positive thoughts all the time;

Be thoughtful an d careful what comes out of your mouth since those words you create your reality;

One day you will look back over all that you did in this life and you will die with laughter

Surround yourself with light everyday;

Remember the trio every night before going to bed: The Almighty who sent to this world, your parents through whom you came here, and your friends and teachers who always wish you well.


I know that it is not easy to follow these prescriptions, but if you try your best you will surely succeed. I wish all of you well.